Covid-19 Update

Dear Guest,

During this time of unprecedented crisis with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus on the rise, we hope and pray that you and your family are safe and in good health. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the virus and those caring for them.

As you would know that our hotel was closed for all business during the lockdown period. At this point, the wellbeing of our employees and guests has been top of mind. We have prepared our operations and staff to be ready for post lockdown and wanted to assure you that all necessary precautions have been initiated to ensure the wellbeing of our guests.

We have been keeping a close watch on directives emanating from all the health authorities including the World Health Organization to ensure all possible guidelines and protocols are enrolled in our revised operation procedures. We realize that clinically clean is the new normal and all our initiatives revolve around this singular reality.

Hotel Coorg International

We are pleased to inform you that Galibeedu (Coorg) has been designated COVID-free zone. At the moment there are no reported or active cases in these areas.


Our hotel is designed with a generosity of space, which is expansive in comparison to the number of guests present at any given point. This added advantage allows a hugely reduced chance of an outbreak.

Workplace health and safety support: 
• Our hotel location is secluded and away from madding crowds. These private locations offer reduced pollution levels, minimal people interaction, and zero decibel getaways.
• All entrants including guests and associates either on foot or in a vehicle are temperature screened to ensure safety inside the hotel premises.
• Contents carried into the hotel by guests and associates are screened and disinfected at the security before being allowed to enter.
• Our guests' can check-in without any human intervention. We will provide you the means to send all relevant information and documents online, which you can share even before arriving at the hotel.
• During check-in, guests are escorted directly to their designated room post arrival at the hotel.
• The bath in each accommodation has an adequate number of soaps and we do not allow refills as a policy, only fresh soaps and toiletries are used for every new guest.
• The food is freshly prepared to be served immediately from kitchen to table ensuring maximum hygiene - we have done away with buffets for the moment.
• You can choose where to dine, we provide table service at our restaurants and practice adequate social distancing. If you are more comfortable being served in the confines of your accommodation please let us know, we deliver.
• Our accommodations have independent AC units, hence the utilization is left to guests’ discretion. They can be sure that the air is not shared unlike in centralized AC systems. These units are sanitized after every checkout.
• Guests booking any of our transport services such as taxis can be confident that all vehicles will be sanitized before being made available. Chauffeur accompanying you will maintain safe distancing protocols and will be wearing safety gear through the entire journey.
• Please feel free to request for masks and sanitizers if you seek to use them at our property. Please note that guests are not obligated to wear masks while staying with us. 

Hygiene and prevention protocols: 
• General hand and personal hygiene will remain our focus in all review meetings through the day, our associates are reminded to wash their hands before and after cleaning.
• We have used the lockdown period to identify and implement cleaning processes depending on each area’s individual recurrent requirements.
• Cleaning processes have a higher emphasis on high touch point areas such as front desk, doorknobs, bathrooms, and room keys.
• The frequency of rigorous cleaning and sanitization of guest rooms, corridors, and all common areas have been increased.
• All products used for cleaning are Government approved and have been carefully selected to ensure that each product is effective in eliminating viruses.
• Training on unobtrusive services to balance functionality and warmth in service execution, with minimal guest interaction will be the highlight of your stay.
• Banquets and conferences will have its own and specific operating procedures which will be informed to guests before accepting bookings – it is quite clear over the last few months that gatherings will have to be managed differently.
• Processes have been redefined in detail for the handing of guests that get unwell. Furthermore, we are prepared with clear guidelines for handling of a positive Covid-19 diagnosis for guests and colleagues should they need to be quarantined. 

We understand that travel is not a priority for you right now but if you do choose to travel, you can be confident that our destinations are safe and that we have put in place all possible procedures to ensure your wellbeing and safety at our properties. 

We have our ears to the ground and continue to keep track of all new developments of these continually changing circumstances, our processes are tweaked to accommodate these changes. We remain committed to affording our guests the same warmth and hospitality as always 

Hospitality Team
Hotel Coorg International