Superior Cottage

Superior Cottage

Enjoy an airy cottage in the lap of nature, nestled cosily in the lush green expanse. The sit-out balcony makes for a perfect tea spot with your favourite appetizers and an amazing view. Rainy days add to the secluded experience, making it the perfect hideout with friends and family.


  • Free WiFi in Common Area
  • LED Television
  • Hot Water
  • Air Conditioning
  • Tea & Coffee Maker
  • Free Toiletries
  • Slippers
  • Wardrobe
  • Hair Dryer

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Deluxe Cottage (Non-AC)

These spacious cottages come with a porch that is ideal to appreciate all those scenic landscapes. The breezy indoors mean you’re in for a cosy stay while being able to plunge into the panoramic magic of the outdoors. This is an exemplary accommodation for those on a budget!

Suite Cottage

Luxuriate with your own private balcony, and immerse into a low-decibel affair with mother nature. The suite cottage strikes the right balance between well-endowed scenery and splendour. Young couples will find this to be an exquisite option to put up.

Suite with Garden View

A real lavish experience in every sense of the word, this suite takes it up a notch with a splendid view that faces the garden. The meticulously curated bedroom and living space, replete with exceptional amenities enrich your stay. Ideal for families or honeymooners.

One-Bedroom Villa

It’s not a proper vacation, if it’s not king size. The one-bedroom villa is an attempt to give you an uber holiday-like feeling with a large bedroom and a living space adjacent to it. What’s more is that you are guaranteed to feel at home with a sit out that draws from the misty magic of the overlooking vistas.