Heritage Resort Hampi offers you an insight into the secrets of this unique destination. If you would like us to organize a tailor-made trek, a private picnic, a romantic experience or would you like to live the country life? Delight in firsthand experiences of pottery, cattle milking, jaggery making, sugarcane harvesting. Tell us the experience you seek and we will help you design your getaway.  

Take a leisurely stroll in the resort's gardens and the sights and smells of the orchard and witness the farmhands at work with their vermiculture or their weeding. Even a stroll among the forest shrubs and orchards is a joyful experience by itself. Swimming, Cycling, Kite Flying, Mountain climbing, Coracal rides, Games - all that and more can be part of your plan when you are here.

Feel free to plug any one of these activities to your stay at our resort. These experiences are sure to elevate your holiday and make it an unforgettable getaway. 

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Heritage Resort Hampi Hampi Hampi Indoasia Hotels

Hampi Attractions

The ancient capital of Vijayanagar Empire, Hampi is dotted with numerous historical monuments, some in their ruined state, depicting the art and architecture of the erstwhile kingdom.

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Heritage Resort Hampi Hampi Trip to aihole

Trip to Badami- Aihole-Pattadakal

To take you back in time to about 6th or 7th century to continue getting enthralled by the Dravidian architecture, we can organize a trip from Hampi to Badami-Aihole- Pattadakal.

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Heritage Resort Hampi Hampi Hampi Past Heritage Resort Hampi Indoasia Hotels

Revisit the past of sepia days

We will arrange a trip to a nearby village where you get firsthand experience of the typical village life. Chirping of birds, mooing of cows, whistling breeze of and many such enlivening sounds create a musical melody to the beauty of the rising sun. 

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Heritage Resort Hampi Hampi Explore Sandur Valley Heirtage Resort Hampi Indoasia Hotels

Explore Sandur Valley

The absolute quality of air and the undemanding vibe of the place help you slip into relaxation almost immediately.  Sandur is famous for the 8th Century Parvathi Temple built by Badami Chalukyas and 10 th  Century Kumaraswamy Temple built by Rashtrakutas.

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Heritage Resort Hampi Hampi Travel back in time Heritage Resort Hampi Indoasia Hotels

Travel back in time

Visit Hampi to witness the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire, As you travel or you may even choose to cycle you will trail through the throbbing veins of a city in which ancientness lingers at every turn of the road and leaves you amazed with its remnants of splendorous days.

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Heritage Resort Coorg Coorg Picnic Indoasia Hotels

Private Picnic

We take you a serene spot next to a water body, where you can enjoy your time with your loved one in a low key setting to enjoy a more secluded experience. An open meadow; Hillside looking out across the river -watch the world go by, talk about interests and the scenery or just lay back to take in the sky.

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Heritage Resort Hampi Hampi 13. Destination Dining 4

Destination Dining

Enjoy the succulent and healthy flavours from our kitchen, composed of the finest local ingredients, and the splendour of the divine setting as you enjoy private moments with your loved ones. A private chef and your personal waiter cater to your needs. Choose from intimacy of South Indian food, the beauty of European cuisine, the richness of Punjabi inspired North Indian cuisine.

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Heritage Resort Hampi Hampi Organic gardens Heritage Resort Hampi Indoasia Hotels

Organic Gardens - our own patch of world

In our vast area reserved for organic garden we keep our vegetation happy and that in turn will keep us healthy. We grow about 40 vegetables and 35 kinds of fruits! In summers we grow nine varieties of Mangoes. 70% of kitchen requirements are fulfilled by our farms.

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