Heritage Resort Hampi

Behold the rocky landscapes and lush vegetation as they come to life with the magnificent Tungabhadra River. This sight is bound to cast a spell on anyone who wishes to submerge in its everlasting beauty. Although, there’s a lot more that Hampi has to offer you apart from its unique rocky terrain, scattered across the perennial banana and sugarcane plantations.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site packs a rich past; a legacy that lives on through the soil of the land, the tactical architecture and vivid traces of life in “The Forgotten Empire” of Vijayanagar. The ruins of the ancient city of Hampi - the bazaar where precious stones were sold, the queen’s bath and important historical monuments, paint a powerful picture of a glorious civilization. It’s surreal to imagine that these decaying structures were once thriving buildings that served a purpose.

While contemplating on the beginnings of what used to be, we’re reminded of our early days when we had the good fortune of fostering a retreat amidst this mango tree plantation. It’s astonishing to witness how our deep respect for the land is mirrored in the final result.

Spread across 8-acres of land, the Heritage Resort Hampi is not only a reminder of how we preserved what existed but also paved the way forward to safeguarding its long-standing legacy. The pristine portals of this wonderland stitch together a spectacular sojourn. Enter this sanctum as you stroll through our plantations. Steal a delightful, relaxing moment for yourself under the Banyan tree, listening to the sweet symphony of the cuckoo birds. Laze around in any of the hidden corners of the resort. Savour a ripe mango waiting to be picked. Immerse yourself into this ancient land and embrace the gift of its abundant heritage.

One thing’s for sure, once you come around, this experience would be embedded deep into your spirit.


Vidyanagar 38 kms
Hubballi 162 kms
Bangalore 355 kms

Railway Station

Hospet 8 kms
(Weekly 3 trains)


Bus Stand

Hospet 8 kms
Mysore 120 kms

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Moderate and dry throughout the year. Winters are the best.
7 km from the marvellous ruins of Vijaynagara


Packages & Offers

Explore Hampi

Take a trip down the rich cultural, and historical aspects of Hampi. Immerse in the glorious past of this UNESCO world heritage site.

2 Nights Starting @ ₹17,499/- Explore

Romantic Escape

Rekindle your love with the special someone and revel in the seclusion of a vacation, right out of a fairy tale.

2 Nights Starting @ ₹24,999/- Explore

Heritage & History

Book our Heritage Tour Package for minimum 3 nights and visit some of the most iconic and beautiful architectural towns around Hampi.

2 Nights Starting @ ₹29,799/- Explore

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Madhushala Bar

In an otherwise dry city, Madhushala Bar sets the mood just right to tipple away on the spirits of your choice. Our bartender is full of surprises and will sweep you off your feet with a glass of the most amazing drink. The sophisticated energy that the bar offers is perfect to blow off some steam and savour a silent moment, away from all the noise of the city. And if you’re looking to have a memorable evening, might we add that our bar has the ideal environment to let your hair down and make some great memories!

Kishkinda Restaurant

Savour a lavish spread of our organic produce in the form of delectable delicacies at the Kishkinda restaurant, right onto your plate. Our menu offers an array of world cuisine, local favourites, and food suitable for the sattvic diet too so there’s something for everyone, no matter your diet preferences. There’s never a dull moment in this culinary wonderland, with all the friendly banter and smiling faces. Besides, we can’t deny that the privilege of enjoying a farm-fresh meal is an extraordinary experience in itself.

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Deluxe Villa

An absolute bliss for the young adults, a premium accommodation that combines the luxury of a comfortable retreat, the Deluxe Villa assures a secluded privacy that can only be present amidst the evergreen charm of Hampi. Take it all in!

Jacuzzi Villa

If relaxation is what you seek, rest assured knowing that the Jacuzzi Villa caters to that with an ultra-modern jacuzzi. Allow the grandeur to pamper you. Lend an ear to the splendid sounds of nature all around. Anyone with a taste for the finer things, will fall in love with this villa!

Private Pool Villa

The luxury gets an upgrade in the private Pool Villa. Enjoy the opulence of a pool, in addition to the uninterrupted solitude and unlimited satisfaction of watching the panoramic lush views. Families with kid- this one’s for you and all the water babies.

Attractions Around Hampi

Vittala Temple

Vittala Temple

Located 6 kms away from the resort, on the southern banks of the Tungabhadra River, you’ll find the glorious Vittala Temple. Built during the reign of King Devaraya, its history can be traced back to the 16th century. An epitome of architecture, from the Vijayanagara Empire, this temple is an exemplary icon of human craftsmanship.

Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary

Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary

The Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary is the only sanctuary in North Karnataka that’s home to 120 sloth bears. This sanctuary is a habitat for over 90 species of birds, 27 species of butterflies and also shelters numerous animals like leopards, hyenas, jackals, wild boars, porcupines to name a few. Around 20kms from the resort, this should be on your list of places.

Sunrise & Sunset at Matanga

Sunrise & Sunset at Matanga

There’s no vantage point like Matanga Hill and at a mere short distance of 5kms, some consider it to be the best place to view a great sunrise or sunset. Watch the majestic Tungabhadra river bifurcating the town of Hampi, catch a peacock with its colourful plume or just wallow in the crimson sky. There’s much to do for everyone at Matanga Hill.

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