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The word 'heritage' denotes 'old world', 'inheritance' and all things that are enduring and cherished. It also conjures up a world that is pristine and untouched. Living in cities as most of us do most of the time, a chance to connect with nature in clean surroundings is a dream.

Every so often, a step back to look at the past is the prelude to a step forward and inspiration. The genesis of Indoasia Hotels owes its beginnings to this very concept. As we wove our multi-faceted tapestry together, every nook and cranny, every little stone and brick, every tree and water body spoke to us, lending form to this edifice.  It has been a labour of love, learning and understanding which we hope will permeate and resonate within you, culminating in an experience of a lifetime.

Replete with experiential activities like cultural immersion, yoga and ayurvedic healing capsules, adventure, nature and temple excursions, sojourns to local tribal villages for glimpses into community living and livelihood, we seek to make holistic customer engagement the pivot of our present enterprise and future growth.

It has been a tantalizing, humbling, euphoric journey thus far, to weave a tailor made surreal holiday experience for each of our customers by pushing the envelope just that little bit further.  As we tread into our next venture we hope that you too would not want to miss it for the world, just as we do!!


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