Our Story

The Perfect Escape

Let’s face it, the hustle bustle of city life is a daunting reality that we constantly wish to evade.

We understand your need to unwind and let loose. And we get why you’d want to combat the blues of the desk-bound life.

In consideration of your need to escape mundane reality, we wanted to give you something worth remembering. Exactly why, we strive to craft experiences that are hands-on and locally engaging. Intrinsically, all our efforts to keep up with our promise, stitch together tailor-made experiences that are eco-conscious yet rejuvenating in every sense. In short, we deliver the perfect escape.

When we were conceptualizing the idea behind the perfect escape, the sustainability was set in stone. So, even though we wanted to build something that stands out, we decided to go with a humble haven that seamlessly blends in, without disrupting our environment.

Presently, we are elevated by how much of a difference our little actions have accumulated into - starting from harvesting our own produce from vast organic plantations where we grow fruits and vegetables such as mangoes, bananas, oranges, lemons, pumpkins, potatoes, all grown without the use of any chemicals, to having a strict zero-wastage policy and this means nothing goes unutilized on of all the properties.

What paved the path for the way ahead was a clear cut vision to empower the land and its generous gifts in every little way we can. In fact, even most of our staff around the properties are hired locally.

Every action of ours swivels on wanting to integrate a holistic experience for our customers, while giving them something memorable to take back with them. This is how the perfect escape was conceived; sealed with the promise of a paradise.