CSR & Sustainability

Sustainability underlines every aspect in all of our properties.

We harvest our own homegrown produce and make you meals that are worth remembering. In bid of our sustainability efforts, we have vast organic plantations where we grow fruits and vegetables such as mangoes, bananas, oranges, lemons, figs, pumpkins, onions, all grown without the use of any chemicals!

Our zero-wastage policy ensures that nothing goes unutilized on of all the properties. The Sewage Treatment Plant processes the water that our guests use in their rooms, and in turn recycles it to water our vast plantations. The ashes from the garbage that we burn is repurposed as a natural fertilizer. The bottles left behind by our patrons are used to build a rather creative boundary wall. Without a doubt, there is a sustainable angle to everything we do.

We hope to safeguard our spectacular heritage and keep it growing in every little way we can. In sync with this, a majority of our staff, employed with us are locally-hired. Creating employment opportunities for the native population, and giving them a platform to grow as professionals, has allowed us to evolve and and preserve generous gifts of their home.