Heritage Resort Coorg

Inhale the aromatic hints of coffee-laced air as you follow the winding roads, revealing a different shade of green at every curve. Prepare to be mesmerized by the paddy fields, strewn amidst a grassy backdrop, deep ravines, cascading waterfalls and the mighty River Kaveri. It’s worth noting that the true appeal of Coorg lies beyond the grassy carpets and the blankets of thick, white mist.

Also known as the ‘Scotland of India’, Coorg sure boasts of healthy hills, bejewelled with an abundance of green. But the breathtaking vistas and the raw beauty can be traced to the history of Kodagu. The native population of Kodagu have played a significant part in shaping up their lifestyle without spoiling the natural landscape of Coorg. Having learnt and practised agriculture, their interactions with the environment around them, are respectful of its sanctity. Harsh climatic conditions have stretched the boundaries of their survival and allowed them to adapt to the hardships of the land. But never changing it, just coexisting with it.

When we walk down the memory lane, and reflect upon our own history, it’s still a wonder how blessed we are to make our dream come true. It all began with two trees, overlooking the vast valley - a gifted expanse of green as far as the eye can see. And today, our dream is an everlasting reality; a full-fledged ecosystem that has flourished over 9-acres of land.

Perched atop a lush hill, amidst a range of secluded hills, the Heritage Resort Coorg is a doorway to your escape. This quaint resort is one-of-its-kind and boasts of a secluded location in the remotest corners of Madikeri. Unlock this paradise and tune into the orchestral sounds of nature. Let the misty mornings beckon you to an energetic kickstart. Hear the whispers of the wind as they hush away your worries. Soak in the sunset as it colours the sky with hues of crimson. Engulf yourself into the breathtaking beauty of the land. Learn from the humbling lessons that the panoramic views endow you with.

We promise that every minute spent here would be a soul-realigning experience.


Kannur 100 kms
Mangalore 150 kms
Bangalore 290 kms

Railway Station

Mysore 120 kms
Mangalore 142 kms
Bangalore 260 kms

Bus Stand

Madikeri 7 kms
Mysore 135 kms

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Admire the lush resort perched on a hill



Pleasant throughout the year. Winters are the best.
10 km from the magnificent Abbey Falls of Madikeri


Packages and Offers

Romantic Getaway

Rekindle your love with the special someone and revel in the seclusion of a vacation, right out of a fairy tale. Sweep your paramour off their feet all over again. This exclusive package is for the romantic in you.

2 Nights Starting @ ₹30,699/- Explore

Explore Coorg

Adventures galore, and so much more! Explore the best of Coorg and get a first-hand experience of its distinct culture.

2 Nights Starting @ ₹28,699/- Explore

Cocktails & Dreams

Is it a dream? Pinch yourself because you’re in for a treat with unlimited cocktails and mocktails of your choice. If this isn’t the stuff dreams are made of, we’re not sure what is.

2 Nights Starting @ ₹24,699/- Explore

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When in Coorg, drink like the Kodavas do. Warm your senses and loosen up with the finest variety of premium liquor. Our exclusively crafted drinks are known to take people’s breath away just like the breathtaking valley enclosing the bar. The ambience certainly calls for an easy-going evening or afternoon, no judgement here, you’re on vacation after all. Needless to say, that at our bar, every hour is a happy one!

Mask Restaurant

A unique experience of relishing a meal amongst the green vistas and thriving hills, our restaurant is truly a paradise for the gastronome. There’s a lot that our dining space offers apart from great food. If you wish to be in sync with nature, the dining space is ideal to not just savour a good meal but also soak up the serenity around you. We know that the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, and we’re equipped to satisfy your appetite with an array of delicacies and meals, made by highly experienced chefs. Sip on a coffee, devour a delicious meal or simply be dazed by the abundant views.

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Deluxe Cottage

These spacious cottages come with a porch that is ideal to appreciate all those scenic landscapes. The breezy indoors mean you’re in for a cosy stay while being able to plunge into the panoramic magic of the outdoors. This is an exemplary accommodation for those on a budget!

Superior Cottage

Enjoy an airy cottage in the lap of nature, nestled cosily in the lush green expanse. The sit-out balcony makes for a perfect tea spot with your favourite appetizers and an amazing view. Rainy days add to the secluded experience, making it the perfect hideout with friends and family.

Suite Cottage

Luxuriate with your own private balcony, and immerse into a low-decibel affair with mother nature. The suite cottage strikes the right balance between well-endowed scenery and splendour. Young couples will find this to be an exquisite option to put up.

Suite with Garden View

A real lavish experience in every sense of the word, this suite takes it up a notch with a splendid view that faces the garden. The meticulously curated bedroom and living space, replete with exceptional amenities enrich your stay. Ideal for families or honeymooners.

One-Bedroom Villa

It’s not a proper vacation, if it’s not king size. The one-bedroom villa is an attempt to give you an uber holiday-like feeling with a large bedroom and a living space adjacent to it. What’s more is that you are guaranteed to feel at home with a sit out that draws from the misty magic of the overlooking vistas.

Attractions Around Coorg

Dubare Elephant Camp

The wisest of the animal kingdom - the elephants are gentle creatures who are not half as intimidating as they look. Be up and close, feed or bathe these tuskers or just watch them as they prance around in the river. Adults and children are guaranteed to feel connected to these gentle giants and the spectacular beauty all around.

Abbey Falls

An attraction in every sense of the word, Abbey Falls can be seen cascading from a whopping height of 70 feet! Dotted by spectacular beauty all around, these waterfalls are snuggled between hints of greenery, atop a glorious cliff that has weathered the storm, quite literally! Although, there’s little to do here for the adventurer..

Namdroling Monastery

One of the largest Tibetan settlements in India, the Namdroling Monastery is home to over 6000 monks and over 15000 refugees. But that’s not why the Namdroling Monastery is a renowned name in Coorg. With a spiritual and serene ambiance, this is a colony that shelters a forty feet-high Buddha statue inside a golden temple.

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